we are capable

why choose us ?


Through hours of advertisement and game research, we have been able to work on nearly any projects presented to us that interests us.

Excellent Protection

Having worked on the internet for years, we have learned how to protect ourselves. If it's a DDoS attack or a Dox attempt, we have measures to prevent it.

Player Owned

A lot of the large corporations that do what we do are owned by money-hungry people. While we sure do like money, our goals are enjoyment and reputation.

User Satisfaction

Over all of our projects, we have had constant user and employee satisfaction. If you aren't interested in a project, you don't have to be a part of it.


Most of us have been at the point where you're stuck, not sure what to do. We've been able to grow projects up from the dead, and revive them.


Even though Trident was only founded in 2022, the members of the Trident Team have been around for decades. We've seen a thing or two...

we are here

We Are Reliable 

Before Trident was founded, our team members worked with hundreds, if not thousands of different projects such as Minecraft Servers, discord servers, hosting companies, content creators, etc. resulting in hundreds of happy customers and employees.

High Reputation

★★★★★ (100+ Reviews)

We have worked with over 100 projects, and have received hundreds of glowing reviews.

our team

Our Professional and experienced team

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Charles Managing Partner
mcpfp - axeomat
Stijn Senior Partner
mcpfp - Cleverly
Cleverly Fourth level Associate

We have many more team members. Join our discord to meet them.