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Server Acquisition

We take care, maintain, and improve our partner's servers and projects. We have been apart of over 75 successful projects, from low roles, to high roles.

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Cross Platform Support

We employ individuals experienced in multiple different platforms (Discord, Minecraft, etc.)

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Our team is full of managers who know how to handle the most unexpected situations. Don't believe us? Click the button below to Learn more.

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We give our partners access to all of our available resources. Hosting, deals, software, people, etc.

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Trident has people who have been working with online businesses since before 2010!

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While we don't fund every project, we take offers and decide whether or not that project is worth funding.

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Questions & Concerns

u0022Why should I choose you over another business?u0022

On top of the lack of companies that do exactly what we do, our team has years of experience regarding all sorts of online preneuers. Project development, management, moderation, investment, marketing, and more. We get to know your business and customers and offer professional advice, support, team members, and more, in combination with bringing attention to you and your service.

What does Trident do?

Trident was created for the community, by the community. Designed to help support, manage, and maintain creators, communities, businesses and servers.

What does Frontier do?

The final Frontier, looking to reshape management, moderation and servers in general. Frontiers goal is to make sure we can provide players with a unique experience and fun gamemodes to play. We have over a dozen servers currently under our control.


Trusted by Over 100 Projects Worldwide